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On The Issues

Esthetic Improvements

Deanna McLaughlin is once again push for a design overlay and redevelopment district along Fort Campbell Blvd and the most western portion of Tiny Town Road to encourage the improvement of the appearance of businesses and properties in the area.

Resource Information

Deanna McLaughlin will create a tab on her website that will be a one-stop shop for various resources available to citizens including veterans and their families.

Fiscal Responsibilty

While on the city council, Deanna McLaughlin NEVER voted for a tax increase AND proposed multiple amendments each budget cycle to reduce government spending. Deanna continues to study the city budget proposals closely to determine what can be removed or reallocated for better use.

Transparency & Accountability 

During her 12 years as a Clarksville City Councilman, Deanna McLaughlin held monthly Town Hall Meetings. As your Ward 2 City Councilman, holds monthly town hall meetings at the Clarksville Police Precinct located at 211 Cunnigham Lane. Deanna communicates with constituents so that she knows your desires for our city. She is a strong advocate for Ward 2! During her previous 12 years as a Clarksville City Councilman, Deanna informed people through email newsletters and social media and promptly responded to phone calls and emails.


Deanna has worked with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) for Clarksville's needs before. She successfully lobbied the TDOT for signalized crosswalks and sidewalks along Ft. Campbell Blvd. Deanna will work with the members of the Montgomery County State delegation to ensure that state roads in our city receive adequate funding and that roads are planned for the future instead of playing catch up. Deanna will follow the expansion of Tennessee State Route 374 closely as the completion of this route will take traffic off of HWY48/13, Riverside Drive, Providence Blvd., and Ft. Campbell Blvd. Deanna will work with the Clarksville Street Department and the Tennessee Department of Transportation to get a right turn arrow light at the 101st Airborne (374) off-ramp at Fort Campbell BLVD to move traffic toward Fort Campbell more quickly.

Public Safety

Deanna McLaughlin worked with the State Deligation to create legislation that will make the fine for speeding in residential areas equal to speeding in a school zone. Deanna will work with Ward 2 residents to revamp existing neighborhood watches and create new ones.

Deanna Works For YOU

Deanna McLaughlin has a proven record of serving her constituents to the best of her ability. She has picked up where she left off for the citizens of Ward 2. She has established working relationships will leaders in all city departments and knows whom to contact to assist you. Deanna McLaughlin always responds to calls and emails promptly. Deanna McLaughlin will continue her strong work ethic, she will remember that she works for you, the people of Ward 2!

How To Contact DEANNA

Email: Phone: 931-326-4251

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