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Deanna's Story

Deanna McLaughlin was born in Portland, Oregon, and raised with her brother Gary by their Mother in Vancouver, Washington.  After graduating from Evergreen High School and attending Clark College in Vancouver, Washington, she married David McLaughlin who was a soldier in the United States Army.  In 1993 the McLaughlin’s were reassigned to Fort Campbell where their daughter Kaitlan was born.  After serving 22 years in the United States Army, McLaughlin’s husband retired and the family made Clarksville-Montgomery County their forever home.  Deanna has been a constant resident of Tennesse House District 75 for nearly 29 years.


McLaughlin began her community involvement through military-affiliated organizations and at the encouragement of friends and neighbors, she ran for Clarksville City Council in 2006. She was the first active-duty military spouse elected to be a member of the Clarksville City Council.  McLaughlin was re-elected twice and ended her time on the city council in December 2018 after serving three consecutive four-year terms.


While a member of the Clarksville City Council McLaughlin consistently fought to reduce government spending and stop tax burdens on our citizens.  McLaughlin also advocated for transparency in city government. McLaughlin successfully lobbied the Tennessee Department of Transportation for several significant improvements along Ft. Campbell Blvd. Among these are five signalized crosswalks along Ft. Campbell Blvd. and Providence Blvd., the soon-to-be-built sidewalks from Quin Lane to Cunningham Lane, and Walnut Street toward Providence Blvd., and the funding for 41 new bus shelters to be located along Ft. Campbell Blvd. and Providence Blvd.


In 2011 McLaughlin worked closely with law enforcement to create the city council ordinance that banned synthetic drugs. This effort ultimately inspired the state law banning the same substances.


Keeping to her efforts for transparency in government, McLaughlin held monthly town hall meetings to discuss items that were to be voted on by the Clarksville City Council and address the concerns of her constituents. McLaughlin also kept Clarksville residents informed on issues through her email distribution list and Facebook.


McLaughlin has been actively involved in the Montgomery Republican Party since 2003. She is the former Co-Chairman of the Montgomery County Young Republicans, Past President of the Montgomery County Republican Women's Club, and Past Vice-President of the Red River Republican Women's Club. She is currently an Executive Committee member of the Montgomery County Republican Party.


Deanna McLaughlin is a lifetime Tennessee Concealed Carry Permit Holder.


She lives in northwest Clarksville with her husband David and their dog Vader.

Deanna's Focus Points

"I am a firm believer in the idea of servant leadership. I understand that as an elected official, my priorities are those of my constituents... you are the ones who elected me to represent you and I will do that with all my heart."

                                                                                                      -Deanna McLaughlin

2nd Amendment

Every citizen should be afforded the opportunity to protect themselves and their families. as your State Representative, Deanna will ensure that your constitutional right to bear arms is not infringed upon.

Education Reform

Our children are our future, and they must have the best educational foundation to build that future for themselves. To that end, Deanna will fight for resources for our schools and teachers and curb wasteful spending. 

Infrastructure & Public Safety

As Middle Tennessee continues its growth, there are more challenges than ever in terms of keeping our communities safe. Deanna will push hard for smart infrastructure improvement and support of our law enforcement and judicial officials, as the burden to keep us safe falls upon them.